Drought in Kenya a threat to wildlife

The ongoing drought situation in Kenya has resulted in dispersal of wildlife from their traditional habitats in search of pasture and water.

This has increased the risk factor of conflict as the wildlife come into contact with the public and human activities resulting to an increase in human wildlife conflicts.

Cases recorded, it is evident that there has been an increase in reported incidents of conflicts compared to past years; the notable ones being attacks on people, property destruction, livestock predation and crop raiding

The following also are negative impacts of the persisting drought:

i) Forest fires break out during drought causing environment degradation and destroying the habitat for wildlife.

(ii) Wild animals invade farmlands destroying crops.

(iii) It leads to shortage of pasture and water causing loss of life of animals and drying up of plant species.

(iv) Prolonged drought leads to migration of animals to areas that have sufficient supply of food/ some animals migrate to the neighbouring countries reducing the number of wild animals.