The Grevy Zebra population at risk

The Grevy’s Zebra,identifiable by its narrow stripes & white underbelly, is endangered and the most threatened of the three Zebra species.

The sustained decline in Grevy’s zebra numbers and range has been a major concern to stakeholders in Grevy’s zebra conservation in Kenya. It was recognised that the conservation of Grevy’s zebra and its semi-arid ecosystem in Kenya and Ethiopia will require commitment and coordination among all stakeholders to ensure the future survival of this species. This led to the formation of a Grevy’s Zebra Task Force in 2004 chaired by the Kenya Wildlife Service to coordinate Grevy’s zebra conservation efforts in Kenya. A major output of its meetings was the need to develop a national Grevy’s zebra conservation strategy. The Task Force has since evolved into the Grevy’s Zebra Technical Committee which provides guidance to ongoing and proposed Grevy’s zebra research and conservation efforts.