Climate change and its effects on wildlife.

Climate change is the most significant and far-reaching environmental threat facing humanity today.There is evidence to show that wildlife from the poles to the tropicsis being affected by climate change.Species migrations,extinctions, change in populations,range and seasonal and reproductive behavior are among a plethora of responses that have been recorded ,and these are likely to continue apace as climate continues to change decades to come.

A practical example in Kenya-Due to low rains,wildfires,unexpected harsh climatic and changing weather patterns;a lot is affecting wildlife.Shrinking fodder pockets,lack of water is forcing a situation of competition of resources with local communities.The economies of local people taking a hit due to climate change-means they begin to exploit the environment negatively,unsustainably to earn a living.

It is important for big businesses and government to operate while taking care of the environment. Policies should be formulated taking in account the fact that we cannot live in a suffocating dead planet.That is the only way we can save wildlife and ourselves from the ravaging menace with lethal,long-lasting ramifications.