Deserts of food

Deserts of food is an initiative which was started in the year 2017 in the North of Mount Kenya.The motivation behind the establishment of the project arose from the need to address the general problems affecting the Maasai people and other communities especially around food/nutrition,environment,sustainability and peaceful co-existence with wildlife.

We have been involved in planting trees but the first phase has been fruit trees mostly.This is because the particular trees have a big contribution to nutrition,food security,economic empowerment and also in afforestation /addressing climate change.In our permaculture center,we have more than 250 banana trees,25 guavas ,60 pawpaws ,sugarcane etc.It only took a year before we started reaping big harvests that get to feed our team and sell the surplus and get funds to support some of our works and also sustain the project itself.

The ultimate goal is reaching to as many people as possible and create awareness as well as impacting basic skills for sustainability.Our center which is still under establishment is already a learning facility where interested farmers come to get basic knowledge on eco-farming.