Young Earth Scouts

Kids for conservation

Environmental protection is supposed to be a culture in every society.The realization that the air we breathe,water ,food,soil,shelter ,health all depend on our environment and how we take care of it is very critical.Most of the problems we are facing today as a result of climate change could be averted if people took conservation as a way of life right from the moment a child is born.Schools should have strong conservation-based curricula  that not only teach but inculcate the culture of care for earth.

In 2016,we started the conservation kids program under our permaculture and environmental protection project.The children participate in tree planting.The idea was to target as many schools as possible that that has not happened yet.However 15 school-going children  participate in environmental activities and have really  grown with  each step to take charge and stewardship of conservation.Nature art project is coming up-one which will not only improve awareness on matters environment but also showcase their talents.