The world is facing the global scourge of climate change.It is coming hard with biting ramifications that we are feeling from Africa,Europe etc.Hurricanes,flooding,harsh,dry droughts particularly in the horn of Africa.We have to stop plastic pollution,air pollution etc as combined efforts to make this planet a better place.Our organization is planting 50 trees each month to increase green cover,introduce sustainability,awareness creation on the importance of planting trees as well as conserving existing ones.This month,we are focusing on 50 fruit trees.They are important to addressing climate change and also nutrution/food security and the economic aspect.The more people plant fruit trees the more they raise more income and food for themselves.That kind of empowering local communities isprojected to stop them from exploiting the environment negatively to earn a living by for example illegal lumbering,charcoal burning etc.Next month ,we will plant indigenous herbal trees to help address the health aspect.In traditional africa,medicine was obtained from the local forests.People treasured forests since they recognized it as source of medicine.

We want to achieve this Green print success with friends from all over the world.Plant a tree with us!Leave a legacy of environmental conservation.We plant a tree or trees and take care of it for you.Your name is branded on the tree and we will be sending you updates,pictures of your tree!Adopting a tree costs USD25.That amount is enough to plant a tree and take care of it for 4 months.To support us,you can donate via this link