About us

We are a community that believes in finding alternative solutions to problems in our society.Peace does not mean the absence of war.The best way we are doing this through  creating an environment of cultural interaction and building a foundation of prosperity.

We promote,celebrate and preserve our Maasai culture-while also,allowing other people to learn how we live ,the challenges we go through and the positive side of our life.We are a people who believe that long-term solutions for problems are moulded through involving the concerned people.

That is why our project through our main cultural pillar,has brought the community together for purposes of conservation of the environment-paramount,peaceful co-existence with wildlife. Addresing human factors like poverty,lack of education and health  is the best way to handle negative exploitation of the environment.

People need to earn a living through sustainable,eco-friendly and peaceful means and that is why we have Eco-tourism,permaculture,bee-keeping etc to achieve economical stability and shift focus from livestock keeping as the only way of life.

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