About us

Oloimugi Maasai Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under the NGOs coordination Board Kenya.It currently operates in Laikipia/Isiolo.Going forward we intend to reach Samburu,Kajiado and Narok.



 To preserve Maasai Culture



To empower the Maasai community so as to enable them make critical decisions that shape their current lives and future.That starts from conservation of their natural resources ,wildlife,culture, and also awareness of their rights as indigenous people.


Fully integrated and holistic ,our development strategy encompasses the following:

Cultural tourism


• To have a full,well-equipped Cultural museum to exhibit,sell and exchange our rich Maasai culture.

• To create a strong beadwork marketing structure/network where Maasai women can sell their artwork and empower their livelihoods.

• To establish cultural entertainment groups that promote our culture while earning a living out of it.