Banana paper and eco-products

The fundamental element of the modern society in the world is fibre. Whether in clothing ,building ,packaging, fibre is essential  .Given the  demand for fibre,industry players have a  critical role to play .Taking that into consideration and the motivation to find sustainable supply led to development of sustainable banana fibre eco products. Trees take time to mature, season availability and overall negative effects of the environment due to consumption of forests – a critical resource.

One of the challenges we face in our communities and globally is climate change caused by deforestation. In addition, disposal of waste polythene bags affects the ecosystem and causes flooding due to   siwa and drainage blockage in urban cities. That calls for an urgent need to find eco-friendly. bio degradable materials to avert further crisis.

We are providing development of simple banana paper,eco-friendly technology . This is because each tonne of banana fibre saves between 17-20 trees, 3cubic yards of land space. Leading to reduction of air pollution by 74pc 35 pc less water pollution in the line of production. Small holder farmers can benefit from the  fibre which has been perceived as waste in the past by  now value addition and earning income through the eco-products.Making banana crafts is a potential tool of empowerment in the communities-reducing poverty and negative exploitation of environment for survival.

Our pilot phase of the project is in the production line of green paper bags,wrapping paper for restaurants ,shops etc./