Welcome home

We are located in the very North of Mount Kenya at Laikipia North bordering Isiolo County.It is a 2 hour drive from Nanyuki town and approximately 6 hour drive from Nairobi.Neighboring Borana Ranch  and Ilngwesi Community group ranch-we are sandwitched in beautiful scenery and megafauna.You can access our village via road but only  by  a 4 wheel drive car.


-Learn how Maasai make herbal medicine.The importance of indigenous forests and health benefits to the Maasai.

-You are taken through brief history of the Maasai.Origins and way of life.

-Learn about different Maasai rituals and rites of passage.eg circumcision,child naming etc.

-Make beadwork with our Maasai women.It is a learning and interaction forum for you to see how our beautiful jewellery is made and the genius artwork behind it!

-Traditional dance by our Maasai warriors.You can as well join it and feel the energy ,entertainment power in it!

-Traditional wrestling and sporting activities.Our Maasai morans will take you through that and it is a chance for the strong to showcase their strength!It is all fun.Our elders in the village also have nice sport activities that you will enjoy.

-Maasai wine-If you want to learn more about traditional Maasai wine as well as taste it,you are welcome to join us!

-Natural building-Here you are taken through a short session where you learn how to build a hut the Maasai way.Using locally available resources to craft up nice,authentic shelter!

-Practical techniques on how Maasai harvest honey and bee keeping .

-A general walk around our cultural village and various various huts -learn various things including the way a Maasai hut is organized,dietics and many other interesting aspects!