Taking care of the environment and wildlife is a duty and not a choice of anyone who cares about today and generations to come.Climate change is caused by much harm mostly through human factors like massive deforestation and pollution that is happening all over the world and mostly in the developed countries.As Oloimugi ,we believe governments and other stakeholders should engage communities actively in matters conservation.


1.Leading community programs to preserve,protect existing trees which have great importance to wildlife,livestock and people.

2.Addressing human-wildlife conflict through eco-friendly,sustainable,community-driven projects so as improve peaceful coexistence between locals and wildlife.

3.Afforestation and re-afforestation in collaboration with other stakeholders taking active participation of communities in the exercise.

4.Finding short and long-term solutions to Human-wildlife conflicts.

5.To be a steward force in advocating,practicing Eco-friendly farming to avoid pollution,unplanned/unproductive cultivation that leads to land degradation.

6.To form youth groups and clubs in schools to be involved in tree planting and other environmental activities.

7.To provide alternative sources of energy that are eco-friendly,wind power etc that helps reduce destruction of trees for charcoal,firewood.It is also clean energy that helps communities avoid respiratory diseases usually caused by smoke.

8.To put in place measures to control soil erosion through construction of gabions,planting of drough-resilient grass to increase ground cover.

9.To come up with programs that support eco-friendly,sustainable alternative income generating activities eg.beadwork,eco-tourism etc.

10.Working with other stakeholders to have water pans in various locations-harvest water that is important for the people,livestock and wildlife.That also,helps controlling surface run-off /flash floods that causes land degradation through soil erosion.