Tree Nursery

There is need to plant more trees in order to tackle climate change,environmental rehabilitation,provide food and shelter for wildlife etc.We however take a unique approach by investing time,energy and resources in research and focusing on relevance.This means planting dry-land species of trees which grow well without needing too much water s most of the pastoral communities live in semi-arid areas.

For example our recently established tree nursery has Mellia Volkensii which does well in dry lands.The tree has the best quality timber and good fodder for livestock and wildlife.Acacia meifera”ngoja kidogo” has high nectar content that favours bee-keeping.It is also a good fence if planted around homesteads and it is the best fodder for elephants too.The two are among many tree species we are putting into our nursery.Also,fruit tree seedlings will be there so as to provide a solution to nutrition and the economic aspect;sales by farmers can help stabilize livelihoods while contributing massively to biodiversity.The tree nursery is going to take some time to be complete but we are proud of the bit we have done so far.