Rain water harvesting is a smart way of conservation

The current trend of devastating change in climate is wrecking havoc in the world.Attributed to human activities like massive air pollution,deforestation and  the menace of development that is costing us the beauty of our planet.Due to this,it is unarguably important for people to develop innovate,creative,sustainable,long-term,eco-friendly ways of holistic living/conservation.

Across most of Sub-saharan Africa,water is scarce due to the shrinking forest cover.Desertification is giving birth to drought and biting famine which claims thousands of lives every year.Human beings,livestock and wildlife all suffer the same catastrophe with pledges for help becoming a disturbing annual hymn.In Northern Kenya for example ,heavy rains pour 2 times a year and all of it goes to waste as surface run-off.All vegetation has been cleared and hence no ground cover to stop/reduce the rain water .

Rain water harvesting will help to save lives of people and wildlife if [properly done.For example in the case of agriculture-farmers can dig deep terraces and divert rain water into their farms to either already build underground tanks and dams.Also they can sink shallow pits,add manure and plant food crops inside them.The rain water once diverted into the many pits can be able to sustain the crops for long periods even after the rains are gone.This way,people can produce enough food that stabilizes their livelihoods and reduces much dependability on the environment.Tree planting can also be done alongside the crops.Many trees planted help better our environment and contribute hugely in combating climate change. Wildlife benefits through increased food and habitat from the less pressure of the environment. If people for example stop burning charcoal there is more vegetation that grows and benefits wildlife.

Same harvested water can be given to wildlife through water holes sunk in strategic location to trap the rain water.The animals then get enough water to drink throughout the rest of the year.Rain water harvesting has to be supported if we want to ensure that we have a planet tomorrow and for the generations to come.Our project aims at actualizing this project in Northern Kenya with support and help fro willing potential donors and partners.We hope that this dream will be translated into a messianic reality.

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