Is poaching the only threat to conservation?

Poaching and other related factors have for long been the bold highlight and reference pointing to the reason why wildlife is under threat in Kenya.This has indeed been fought by many stakeholders of conservation both in the government and private world.Significantly,poaching cases are on the decline though gradually-hence giving more hope of a success in the war against extinction.

That said,there is the biggest,glaring,dangerous and more biting menace-HUMAN WILDLIFE CONFLICT.Wildlife depends 80% on community land for survival,Hence,this makes it very important for an existence of a strategy to ensure locals and wildlife co-exist peacefully.Instances of crops being destroyed by elephants and livestock preyed upon by predators-while farmers get no compensation is one of the reasons why we have a bigger threat facing us.

Food security and economic stability help eradicate poverty-Thus,people can live peacefully without negatively exploiting the environment for a living ie..burning charcoal,illegal lumbering ,poaching,hunting etc.The best most holistic approach for conservation is involving and empowering communities.

Oloimugi Maasai Village,has a farm and we try as much as possible to grow enough food for our villagers.However,since there are many elephants here-we never get any harvests.Same case to our cattle which we loose to predators more often.For now,we need to fence off the farm so that our cultural/conservation village can have enough food for the villagers.We need the following:

1.Solar panels



4.Installation and food costs

We welcome any help;donations of the materials or cash donations.Any effort that goes towards a positive cause never goes to waste.