Climate change ,food insecurity,Human-wildlife conflict

Uncontrolled illegal logging for commercial purposes has had diver stating,catastrophic ,far-reaching ramifications on the environment and biodiversity.The water tunnels/catchment areas are drying and big rivers are continuing to shrink in water volumes.The worst hitĀ  areas are the Mount Kenya ecosystem and Mau forests which are high-calibre water catchment/tunnels that are the source of many rivers in the country.

This has affected wildlife and human beings.Competition for water has led to Human-wildlife conflict resulting to death of people and animals.Water borne diseases are on the outbreak due to lack of clean water.Food pockets have reduced sharply ,affecting wildlife-resulting to them invading the small crops and livestock in the communities.Food insecurity is affecting more than an estimated 3M Kenyans who risk starvation.

It would be prudent to mention that climate change is acutely impacting our lives and something should be done to stop it.We can start from protecting the existing forest pockets,afforestation and re-afforestation .Local communities need to embrace agro-forestry by growing fruitĀ  trees that ensure food/economic security and also contribute to biodiversity in a broader perspective.

Captured below:Mitigating steps that we can take to solve this environmental problem

Maasai women plant trees

Women of the Maasai community participating it tree planting



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